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Quality Brake and Clutch Repairs in Canberra

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, if you’re experiencing problems with your brakes, then it’s crucial to get a professional to look at them. There are many things which can make your brakes work ineffectively, including issues with the brake fluid and brake pads, amongst others.

A proper brake specialist will have all the latest equipment on hand to ensure a thorough check of your brake system, so any problems can be identified quickly and accurately. 

From a brake fluid condition tester and a hydraulic test bench, to a disc rotor and brake drum measuring equipment, a skilled professional will be able to check everything with the right tools.

Regular servicing of your brakes is essential to keep them in full working order, but if you think there might be a problem, you should head to a qualified mechanic immediately.

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Canberra’s brake and clutch specialist

When it comes to brakes, A.C.T. Brake Service in Canberra offers customers years of experience in the trade for the best all-round service.

Established in 1966, we’ve worked with brakes for almost 50 years, so if you want an expert, then our team is the best bet.

As a locally owned company, our family’s connections with the motor repair industry extends back to the 1920s, and we’re now Canberra's largest brake and clutch specialist.

Brake and clutch inspections

At A.C.T. Brake Service, we offer a full workshop brake, clutch, and driveshaft repair service, including Bosch diagnostics for ABS, ESC and traction control systems, so you can expect a comprehensive service every time.

Offering customers a free brake safety inspection and report, our friendly team will test-drive your vehicle, as well as carry out a full wheels-off inspection and a written report on all aspects of your car’s braking system. If a problem exists, we can repair your brakes swiftly and expertly to get you back on the road again as soon as possible.

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With workshops in Mitchell, Belconnen, and Phillip, we provide specialist services across Canberra and are committed to delivering quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

For all your brake and clutch needs, just give us a call.

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