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A.C.T. Brake Service Pty Ltd Workshop
  • All brake & clutch services
  • Rego inspections
  • Huge Range of Spare Parts

Canberra’s choice for professional brake repairs

the place to go in canberra

For a full range of brake and clutch solutions, A.C.T. Brake Service is the place to go in Canberra. Offering a free brake safety and inspection report, we also have the very latest equipment to ensure accurate testing of your brake system.

With a full workshop brake, clutch, and driveshaft repair service also available, including Bosch diagnostics for ABS, ESC and traction control systems, we have all the bases covered. We also supply a variety of spare parts, including disc rotors and drums, as well as disc pads, brake shoes, and master cylinders. It simply means that when you come to us, we’re likely to have the part you need, which means it can be fitted quickly to get you back on the road in no time at all.

From hydraulic cylinder sleeving and disc brake callipers, to wheel cylinders, slave cylinders, custom brake hose-making, power brake systems, and clutches – we have them all. We also carry out the machining or grinding of disc rotors, brake drums, and flywheels, for a truly complete service.

Whether you have a passenger vehicle, a commercial vehicle, or a caravan or trailer, we’ll make sure they’re fit for the road. We’ll even carry out minor servicing, such as oil and filter changes, while your car is in our workshop, including service resets.

Rego inspections

A.C.T. Brake Service at Mitchell is an approved inspection station, which means we offer Canberra's only privately owned drive-through inspection facility, similar to the Govt. station at Dickson. Because we use a roller brake dynamometer, you remain in the car and operate the brakes yourself during testing. Call any one of our 3 Locations for an appointment.


At A.C.T. Brake Service, we work hard to ensure our customers receive the very best services and have various special services and products for your convenience.

We also offer the Mechanic or motor enthusiast the following specialist services:

Machining - machining and/or grinding or disc brake rotors up to 335mm diameter and 50mm thickness.

Machining and/or grinding of brake drums - up to 520mm diam.

Grinding of flywheels including stepped varieties of up to 500mm diam.

Cylinder Re-sleeving -  Precision sleeving using stainless steel and cast-iron sleeves to fit tolerances.

Hose-making - Standard and custom hose-making, including braided hoses.

A.C.T. Brake Service can manufacture hydraulic brake and clutch hoses to suit any application, and to ADR7 safety standards. They’re tested to over 20,000 KPA and are of OE quality. We also make hoses that are no longer in production.

Bonding - for those hard-to-get brake shoes, we offer a bonding service with a prompt turnaround.

Spare parts - at A.C.T. Brake Service we stock and can source a huge range of brake and clutch parts for all types of Australian and imported vehicles, including many for very old or rare models. We are a premium distributor of all RDA products, including their huge range of standard and slotted rotors, as well as the exclusive high-performance EBC range of disc pads.

other specialist services include:

  • Reconditioning vacuum and air brake components.
  • ACT Vehicle Registration Testing available at Mitchell.
  • Dynamometer Brake diagnostics available at Mitchell.

    All recommended repair work and all new parts carry our 12 month/20,000km warranty against faulty materials or workmanship


    MITCHELL -  02 6241 5122  
    BELCONNEN -  02 6251 5996
    PHILLIP -  02 6281 1311
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